Myo prosthetic hand control helper

by Abouelenin

Myo prosthetic hand control helper

Hi there!
I made a windows app(not published yet) dedicated to be used with prosthetic hand control and Arduino micro-controller or any other controller using serial port.
(The app is written in python using Myo-python Library and PYserial):
The app is made essentially to use it in my bachelor project
(Prosthetic hand design and control using Myo arm band and Arduino).

App functions:
1- connecting myo to arduino using serial port(the user can send whatever he/she want to arduino from myo)
but the default is sending the Poses.

2- capture all the sensors data(at 50hz frequency) and output them in one single .csv format or output 4 files one for each of the (gyro 50hz-position 50hz-EMG 200hz-orientation 50hz) with better user interface as:
-The user can name the .csv file.
-choose the data needed to output.
-synchronize sensors or not according to his needs i.e. he/she might need to fit all sensors data to classifier

3-To get more accurate data:
-The user need to keep pressing let's say ('alt') to save training data and when done he/she should press another key to publish them in csv files.

4-The user can press a key to choose to fit the data to SVM,KNN and Naive Bayes classifier and see the accuracy in .txt file

I will provide both the source code and the executable file with detailed PDF to allow the user to use the app and how to modify it in step by step guide.

I think now any researcher can start using the Myo without putting into consideration how to connect it to micro controller or how to synchronize the Myo sensors i.e the data is more concrete and by this whoever will use myo will save those 30 days I spent figuring out how to do this ^-^

your comments and recommendations are highly appreciated!
I just wanted to hear from you guys before publishing the app
by iamneo

Myo prosthetic hand control helper

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