Need help in Pyo Connect

by FredVerl

Need help in Pyo Connect

Hi guys.
First of all thank you to everyone will help me with my problem.
Now, my project consist in a motorized 2 axis support for a standard Action Camera, controlled by a Raspberry pi zero W connected with Myo.
I built the physical support and it works fine, I can control all the system with my PC without problems, too.
The problem arises when I try to use my Myo Armband, using the Pyo Connect library, to work with python and control the system:
when I start the script I can connect Myo with Raspberry pi and I can start playing with motors, but after 5/10 seconds my Armband automatically disconnects. I don't know why and I'm going crazy :/
(I tried both version 2.0 and 1.0 of Pyo Connect and, with the first, Myo automatically disconnects when I press the “Connect Myo” button in the PyoManager menu).
Thank you for your support.

Federico Verlino

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