Myo bug memory in Unity Build

by mfer

Myo bug memory in Unity Build

i'm developing a game with myo, in the Unity editor runs pretty good, but once i do the build, in the changing scenes the system crash and give me this message:

myo.dll caused an Access Violation (0xc0000005)
in module myo.dll at 0033:7395abc5.

Error occurred at 2017-11-05_224804.
C:\Users\mafem\Documents\Unity\myo_raw\newFinalDemoMyo.exe, run by mafem.
49% memory in use.
15824 MB physical memory .
18256 MB paging file .
134217728 MB user address space .
Read from location 00000020 caused an access violation.

RDI: 0x2280ee38 RSI: 0x2280ee50 RAX: 0x00000004
RBX: 0x0cd41e78 RCX: 0x00000004 RDX: 0x10cdd300
RIP: 0x7395abc5 RBP: 0x2280e9c0 SegCs: 0x00000033
EFlags: 0x00010202 RSP: 0x2280e858 SegSs: 0x0000002b
R8: 0x00000000 R9: 0x9dce13f5 R10: 0x2280e898
R11: 0x2280e890 R12: 0x00000000 R13: 0x2280ee30
R14: 0x2280eea0 R15: 0x00000007

Bytes at CS:EIP:
4d 8b 0c c8 49 8b 04 c0 4d 8d 04 c8 4c 3b ca 75

Does anybody with unity experience know what is this about!?
I really need help with this.
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