Myo Android SDK – 0.10.0
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Release Notes And Known Issues

Known Issues and Limitations

The following limitations will be resolved in future updates of the SDK:

  • The coordinate frame for orientation data is not currently specified.
  • Two apps cannot concurrently use the Myo on the same device.

Release History

Version 0.10.0


  • Added getArm(), getXDirection(), getPose() to Myo for returning the current Myo state.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue that could prevent Bluetooth from being turned off after disconnecting a Myo from a Lollipop device.

Beta Release 4


  • Myo firmware version 1.1.0 or greater.

Backwards compatibility notes

  • The THUMB_TO_PINKY pose has been replaced by DOUBLE_TAP.
  • Myo now starts locked when it syncs, and only delivers poses when unlocked. This behavior can be changed by setting the locking policy.
  • Apps that use multiple Myo armbands must now specify the maximum number of attached Myos. This should be done after initializing the Hub. See Hub.setMyoAttachAllowance(). If unspecified, this value defaults to 1.
  • The Myo Android SDK now requires Android API Level 18 or higher.


  • A new method, Hub.setLockingPolicy(), allows setting how a Myo's unlocked state affects poses.
  • A new method, Myo.notifyUserAction(), allows triggering the standard Myo action vibration.
  • New Myo methods, unlock(UnlockType) and lock(), allow controlling Myo's unlocked state.
  • New DeviceListener methods, onUnlock and onLock, are called when a Myo unlocks or locks.
  • A new method, Hub.setMyoAttachAllowance(), allows you to set the maximum number of Myo armbands that are allowed to simultaneously be attached to.
  • If Bluetooth is disabled when a list item or the Scan option item is clicked in the ScanActivity or ScanFragment, a dialog prompting the user to enable Bluetooth will pop up.
  • Fixed issue that caused all scanned Myos to appear as "Unknown Myo" in the ScanFragment.

Beta Release 3


  • Myo firmware version 1.0.0 or greater.

Backwards compatibility notes

  • The DeviceListener method onPair() has been renamed to onAttach().
  • The Hub methods pairWithAdjacentMyo() and pairByMacAddress() have been renamed to attachToAdjacentMyo() and attachByMacAddress().
  • The Hub methods pairWithAnyMyo and pairWithAnyMyos have been removed. The ScanActivity or the attachToAdjacentMyo and attachToAdjacentMyos methods should be used instead.
  • onArmRecognized() is now onArmSync() and onArmLost() is now onArmUnsync().


  • A new DeviceListener event, onDetach(), is called when an attached Myo armband becomes detached.
  • Myo armbands no longer lose their arm sync state when disconnecting.
  • Connecting to a synced Myo armband now triggers an arm synced event.
  • Disconnecting from a synced Myo armband now triggers an arm unsynced event.
  • The logo LED now pulses when the Myo armband is not synced, and becomes solid once synced.

Beta Release 2


  • A new sample app, called Glass, shows how to use Myo directly with Google Glass.
  • A new method, Hub.unpair(), allows disconnecting from a Myo. Previously this was only possible through the ScanActivity.

Beta Release 1


  • Myo armbands no longer need to be trained! The trainer has been removed.
  • Sending of usage data can be disabled. See Hub.setSendUsageData().

Alpha Release 4

Backwards compatibility notes

  • The Pose.Type enum has been removed, with Pose itself now being an enum instead.

    Instead of writing:

    if (pose.getType() == Pose.Type.Fist)

    you should now write:

    if (pose == Pose.Fist)
  • The THUMB_TO_PINKY pose has replaced the TWIST_IN pose.


  • A new event, onArmRecognized(), is called when a paired Myo armband detects it is on an arm.
  • A new event, onArmLost(), is called when a paired Myo armband detects it is moved/removed from an arm.
  • An application identifier can now be specified in Hub.init(). See Hub.init() for the proper format.

Alpha Release 3


  • The REST pose has replaced the NONE pose.
  • The UNKNOWN pose has been added to indicate when Myo is not generating pose events.

Alpha Release 2

Bug fixes

  • Multiple Myo armbands now classify poses correctly.
  • Listeners are now cleared when the Hub is shutdown.

Alpha Release 1

  • Initial release.